Laser tech patios…

Despite working in the great outdoors, modern technology is filtering through to our working days and we’re now using laser technology to ensure our patios are laid with perfect accuracy. Gone are the days of using a length of string wound around two old screwdrivers… We’re also able to implement this device when erecting fences,Continue reading “Laser tech patios…”

Is this the perfect Summer garden?

We’re particularly proud of this recent renovation of a clients garden, preparing it to be ready for the Summer months! The photos explain themselves however a days work alone went into preparing the sub base, including 5 tonnes of top soil and 3 tonnes of sand for the perfect turf foundation. The same customer enlistedContinue reading “Is this the perfect Summer garden?”

Early Spring 2019

February was a very funny month weather wise beginning with snow early on and ending with some very dry and sunny weather. This combination made for a lot of cutting a pruning work as shrubs and bushes – along with the dreaded brambles – got themselves a head start on making themselves known after WinterContinue reading “Early Spring 2019”