All of our services are carried out by qualified professionals with over 18 years of combined experience. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Lawn Maintenance

All sizes of lawn can be mown to suit your needs using our latest mowing machinery. Whether it’s a small ten foot square or an acre, we can provide the cut it needs on a regular basis.

Hedge Trimming

All sizes of hedges maintained, trimmed and shaped. We can take on hedges of any size whether it’s relatively new and needs maintaining or maybe you’ve moved into a new house and the hedge is well overdue a trim. We can make it look great again.

Tree Services

Felling, shaping, and safe removal. If you wish, we can cut up the best of the wood for your open fire or woodburner for no extra charge.


From retaining walls to complete overhauls. We have the equipment to take on any size project. If you need foundations digging for an extension, get in touch…


We can lay turf to create your perfect lawn and provide the aftercare it will need. We’ll level and prepare the ground to ensure a super smooth lawn you’ll soon be in love with.


All sizes including bespoke work. We can remove and existing fence too and replace it with something that will withstand the elements and provide a hassle free boundary. We can also return to Creosote it for a fence that will last a lifetime.

Clearances & Waste Removal

No job too big or too small. Whether it’s hedge trimmings, an old patio or even a chopped up tree, we can carefully and securely remove it from your property.

Pressure Washing

Driveways, paths and patios. We can maintain all of these or bring them back to an as new condition. Especially important during the colder months to prevent a slippery surface.

Bespoke Work

Fencing, pergola’s and gates. Get in touch and we can create something fit for purpose. A gate to fit a non standard size gateway? No problem…


All sizes and types laid and maintained. We can design and lay your perfect patio ready for those long summer evenings. Then when Winter comes, get in touch and we can get it clean and ready for the next barbecue.

General Gardening

Whether it’s an odd job such as clipping a shrub, watering plants while you’re away or maintaining a border, we’ll be more than happy to help.

4 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi,

    We are looking for someone to mow our lawns, we have a garden and a paddock that’s about an acre. Do you have a ride on mower?




    1. Hi Graham,

      Apologies for the delay responding to you. We’d love to discuss your requirements, so please call us on 07877042941.

      Many thanks,


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