Get ready for winter!

With winter fast approaching, now’s the time to get on top of your garden to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Recently, we erected this boundary fence comprising concrete posts and gravel boards with treated wooden panels. The benefit of such a solution is that unlike wooden posts, the concrete alternative will never rot and with the wooden fence panels elevated, they will dry quickly although we only install treated panels for longevity. All together, this is a cost effective solution that will stand the test of time and is capable of handling the worst of the upcoming winter weather.

Here’s all the photos of the fence. Perfectly true and a tree close to the border was easy for us to work around. And as you can see from the ‘before’ photo, the original fence was simply not made to last.

Another thing to consider if you have a hedge is to have it cut back in order to not only look tidy, but once the warmer weather returns, it will re-grow thicker and not wider and taller which can lead to them becoming unmanageable and ultimately need replacing. Regular cutting and pre-winter cutting ensures an even stronger hedge in the long run. On one of the images below you can see an example of a hedge that we were able to salvage by taking the top out of it. The greenery will return but had this one been left, it would have caused our client problems in the future, not to mention the expense of having to remove and replace a hedge of this size.

And now for something completely different. With many new build properties having small gardens, a tiny lawn to maintain can often prove to be a lot of hassle with ongoing maintenance. This particular client opted for a simple solution – artificial grass. It’s becoming increasingly popular and this is something that we would recommend for small properties and we’d be more than happy to help with any questions you may have regarding this modern solution to garden lawns.

And for the last slice of summer, here’s 60sqm of decking! This was such a great project to be involved with and we delivered on our customer’s request for much more additional space while creating much safer, and easier access. The end result speaks for itself and gives a real continental flavour to the property. We love it.

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Summer’s coming…

Early summer has seen many clients get in touch with us at Moe’s Mowing with a theme developing. With the recent warm weather, new patios are at the top of many customers’ lists as they prepare for the months ahead and look forward to enjoying some much-needed time with family and friends.

Laying patios has become a little bit of a speciality for Moe’s Mowing, with many examples shown below. That’s not to forget our full list of services, so please get in touch should you need a quotation for any work, and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

The mirror finish on this porcelain patio needs to be seen to be believed. The end result is one of our favourite projects so far this year and the client has already enjoyed many BBQs on their new patio during recent weeks.

Another big project this month was a complete transformation of this garden. To begin with, we removed 30 tonnes of clay then added a raised sleeper section which serves two purposes – to retain a bank and allow for three silver birch trees to be planted. We then laid stone and sand across the entire lawn section for drainage, before it was finished with high quality top soil and turfed.

And finally, here’s another nice and effective porcelain patio. With timber edging, the end result is an easy to maintain outdoor area ready for the warm summer evenings.

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It’s been a busy spring…

Spring is always a busy time for Moe’s Mowing. Blown down fences and trees, patio cleans, landscaping, and some other projects that we’re particularly proud of which we’ve listed below…

The first of which is this terraced area which was built into the side of a very steep garden for the base of a greenhouse. Unable to safely mix the concrete required on site, we considered all of our options before finalising our plan and completing the project. We levelled the ground, built a retaining wall using sleepers, then set up a channel for a local ready mixed concrete specialist to deliver precisely the right amount to ensure a smooth, flat surface.

Installing 60 metres of twin rail stock fencing created a secure boundary for a local farmer. Our team of fencing experts completed this job in just one day, including Moe who was on hand to enjoy the sunshine. Safe, secure, and built to last.

Buying your first home is an exciting, and sometimes stressful time and one particular client wanted to add a personal touch to the front of their home shortly after they picked up their keys. We cut and fitted these smart landscaping sleepers, then planted small shrubs to add a touch of nature to the limited area to the front of the property. We then added a light covering of gravel and for such a small project, the final result really enhances an otherwise overlooked part of many properties.

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Our best work this autumn

Since the summer heatwave it’s been a busy end to the year for Moes Mowing. Highlighted below is a number of our services and work that we’re proud of.

As we moved into autumn, we felled this medium sized Cedar tree. We are fully insured and equipped to fell trees like this, so please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your tree surgery requirements.

The winter is also a great time to replace your fence. With winter storms capable of flattening a fence that has seen better days, it’s usually best to replace it before having a bigger clean up job, not to mention the loss of security.

This 15 metre fence is built with concrete posts and gravel boards on most of the garden, but part of the fence was securely added onto the existing wall to create a higher and more secure boundary. The gate is also custom made by us, and all together, this customer has a fence that will stand the test of time.

One of the bigger projects that we worked on back in the summer was this porcelain patio. We levelled the whole area and laid a path to the side of the property that was edged in sleepers. Gravel was then laid in some sections and we seeded a small lawn to tie it all together. Once the lawn grows, it will help to create a beautiful place to be on a summers evening…

Finally, we’d like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Our month in your gardens!

June has been super busy for Moe’s Mowing. With unseasonably hot and dry weather, mixed in with biblical rain showers, grass and hedges across the county have needed our attention. We’ve cut no fewer than 90 lawns in the last two weeks of June, an unofficial record for us! Take a look below at some of most recent work…

Here’s a small selection of hedges we’ve trimmed and shaped over the last month…

With the exceptional weather and people making the most of their gardens, we’ve had multiple request to lay new patios. The one below is one we’re particularly proud of. Not only did we lay a 30sq. metres of grey sandstone patio slabs, we also erected the six foot high fence surrounding it with concrete posts and gravel boards. Basically, a fence and sitting area for many, many years to come! All it needs now is a barbecue…

A smaller project this month was to remove the small lawn at the front of this property that had unfortunately become infected with cutworms. The owner opted for a much lower maintenance option. We landscaped and removed the effected ground, sealed it with landscape fabric and then laid and levelled 20mm green granite chippings to cover the 65sq. metre area.

We’ve had some exciting projects this month

May was very busy for us with a couple of garden transformation projects and we have some great before and after photos of them.

We’re particularly proud of this one. Tasked with the removal and filling of an old pond, we then constructed a 2.8 metre circular patio. Edged with decorative blocks, the owners can enjoy the great weather on this lovely patio throughout the summer months.

Up next was laying a fossil sandstone patio. Covering nearly the full width of the property, this space will be perfect for the summer but also providing somewhat ‘clean’ access through the colder and wetter months too. We also installed some raised beds at this property too, giving the owner a couple of easy to maintain options for growing crops.

Another smaller job this month was to install a corner patio with a curved edge. Each of the tiles were cut to fit, with the offset sizes giving a modern look. It just needs a barbecue adding now…

Spring has sprung!

At Moes’s Mowing, we’re continuing to operate as normal within strict accordance of the UK government’s guidelines around the Covid-19 pandemic. So please get in touch should you need any of our services.

Blessed by a run of decent weather, over the last month we’ve completed a number of projects for our valuable customers.

We were also tasked with felling a Eucalyptus tree in stages because of multiple properties surrounding the area, meaning that we were unable to fell the tree in the usual fashion. Using our own safety harnesses we climbed the tree to safely break it down and safely remove the wood for the customer.

This customer needed their gate replaced and we were able utilise the existing posts. Made to measure, the gate was installed quickly and is a much more robust solution to the previous gate.

Another smaller project recently was the below. Using patio slabs, we laid a path directly to a customers shed for firm, year round access directly from an existing patio.

Storm secure fencing

With much of the South-West being battered by storms Ciara, Dennis, and Jorge in early 2020, much of our workload has been replacing damaged fences.

One particular customer is located in an area continually hit by high winds so we advised and supplied a solution that will serve its purpose for many years to come. Off set panels relieve pressure by allowing some of the wind to pass through, taking away much of the strain forced upon regular panels and posts that would, with time, become damaged or end up completely blown over.

Here’s some more of our recent fencing work…

With a break in the storms we were able to landscape the front garden of this quaint property. Each side of the footpath was sealed before Cotswold stone chippings were laid. The final step was constructing a pair of raised flower beds that will provide the premises with some lovely colour once the spring comes.

Laser tech patios…

Despite working in the great outdoors, modern technology is filtering through to our working days and we’re now using laser technology to ensure our patios are laid with perfect accuracy. Gone are the days of using a length of string wound around two old screwdrivers…

We’re also able to implement this device when erecting fences, laying turf, building raised borders and almost any job where only the highest accuracy is enough for us and our customers.

It’s not too late in the year for your patio to be laid so please get in touch to discuss your requirements….

Now laying driveways…

We’re expanding on our usual range of garden services and we’re branching out into laying driveways. We’re particularly proud of this one…

Covering 80 sq. metres, we dug out the footings and laid the foundations before outsourcing the tarmac from a reliable and local firm. It was finished with charcoal block kerb edging and we think the end result is just perfect, creating a hassle free driveway for years to come.