A busy start to 2022!

As we enter a new year it’s been a busy time for Moe’s Mowing. Taking on a diverse number of projects for customers all around the Stroud District, our experienced team of experts have certainly made the most of the relatively dry weather to transforms gardens throughout January.

Beginning with a classic upcycling project, these raised flower beds made from reclaimed sleepers will definitely stand the test of time. Blending in with the character of the garden, these flower beds look the part and offer the customer an easy to maintain solution for years to come.

Speaking of easy to maintain, the following project was to completely transform the garden of a new build property. This customer wanted a hassle free solution and for us to maximise the use of the available space so that they could comfortably host friends during the summer months. We laid the patio with a mixture of shapes and colours for a unique look and ensured the gravel was the same level to remove any potential trip hazards. The end result is simply perfect.

If you’re thinking about scaling a tree or hedge back this winter, time is running out! We’ve been busy cutting trees back and tidying up hedges in recent weeks. The benefit of doing this with hedges is so that they grow thicker and fuller, creating additional privacy and easier maintenance long-term as they’ll just require regular trimming, rather than cutting back a hollow edge or in worst case scenarios, complete removal. The same can be said for trees which are unfortunately left too long between being cut back to a manageable size. Get in touch today.

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