Get ready for winter!

With winter fast approaching, now’s the time to get on top of your garden to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Recently, we erected this boundary fence comprising concrete posts and gravel boards with treated wooden panels. The benefit of such a solution is that unlike wooden posts, the concrete alternative will never rot and with the wooden fence panels elevated, they will dry quickly although we only install treated panels for longevity. All together, this is a cost effective solution that will stand the test of time and is capable of handling the worst of the upcoming winter weather.

Here’s all the photos of the fence. Perfectly true and a tree close to the border was easy for us to work around. And as you can see from the ‘before’ photo, the original fence was simply not made to last.

Another thing to consider if you have a hedge is to have it cut back in order to not only look tidy, but once the warmer weather returns, it will re-grow thicker and not wider and taller which can lead to them becoming unmanageable and ultimately need replacing. Regular cutting and pre-winter cutting ensures an even stronger hedge in the long run. On one of the images below you can see an example of a hedge that we were able to salvage by taking the top out of it. The greenery will return but had this one been left, it would have caused our client problems in the future, not to mention the expense of having to remove and replace a hedge of this size.

And now for something completely different. With many new build properties having small gardens, a tiny lawn to maintain can often prove to be a lot of hassle with ongoing maintenance. This particular client opted for a simple solution – artificial grass. It’s becoming increasingly popular and this is something that we would recommend for small properties and we’d be more than happy to help with any questions you may have regarding this modern solution to garden lawns.

And for the last slice of summer, here’s 60sqm of decking! This was such a great project to be involved with and we delivered on our customer’s request for much more additional space while creating much safer, and easier access. The end result speaks for itself and gives a real continental flavour to the property. We love it.

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