It’s been a busy spring…

Spring is always a busy time for Moe’s Mowing. Blown down fences and trees, patio cleans, landscaping, and some other projects that we’re particularly proud of which we’ve listed below…

The first of which is this terraced area which was built into the side of a very steep garden for the base of a greenhouse. Unable to safely mix the concrete required on site, we considered all of our options before finalising our plan and completing the project. We levelled the ground, built a retaining wall using sleepers, then set up a channel for a local ready mixed concrete specialist to deliver precisely the right amount to ensure a smooth, flat surface.

Installing 60 metres of twin rail stock fencing created a secure boundary for a local farmer. Our team of fencing experts completed this job in just one day, including Moe who was on hand to enjoy the sunshine. Safe, secure, and built to last.

Buying your first home is an exciting, and sometimes stressful time and one particular client wanted to add a personal touch to the front of their home shortly after they picked up their keys. We cut and fitted these smart landscaping sleepers, then planted small shrubs to add a touch of nature to the limited area to the front of the property. We then added a light covering of gravel and for such a small project, the final result really enhances an otherwise overlooked part of many properties.

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