Spring has sprung!

At Moes’s Mowing, we’re continuing to operate as normal within strict accordance of the UK government’s guidelines around the Covid-19 pandemic. So please get in touch should you need any of our services.

Blessed by a run of decent weather, over the last month we’ve completed a number of projects for our valuable customers.

We were also tasked with felling a Eucalyptus tree in stages because of multiple properties surrounding the area, meaning that we were unable to fell the tree in the usual fashion. Using our own safety harnesses we climbed the tree to safely break it down and safely remove the wood for the customer.

This customer needed their gate replaced and we were able utilise the existing posts. Made to measure, the gate was installed quickly and is a much more robust solution to the previous gate.

Another smaller project recently was the below. Using patio slabs, we laid a path directly to a customers shed for firm, year round access directly from an existing patio.

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